by Lex Taylor

Non Omnis Moriar  


About Lex Taylor

I have been writing poetry since my late teens. I'm a very lonely guy. Small-time photographer since 2013. Taphophile since late-2003. Poet for a quarter century

I did all the work to create and publish my series of death poetry, The Matrix of Death. My spiritual pedrigee empowered me to write cosmic-grade poetry

The Matrix Of Death

My poetry saga The Matrix Of Death was slated to be released in mid-December of 2012. I finished writing the poems for the books somewhere around mid-2011.

I began to work on the books in November of 2011, and the task was so daunting, that I decided to give up and forget about it. It took me almost half a decade to figure out how to go about self publishing without having to depend in third-parties for any of the different tasks of the process.

It’s a steep, upward path, and it can be painful for those who live in the right side of the brain like me. In my case it wasn’t a lack of education or intelligence of my part, but it was a matter of having to deal with useless, superficial software that didn’t do the job correctly.

The waters are divided between judging a book by its cover, or not caring about it, but I think that if the content is awesome, the cover should reflect that awesomeness, and the worst blunder I encountered was having all the books already designed but the documents were in a state that prevented me from doing a professional cover.

With the poor excuse of a software I used (Scribus), I couldn’t import a cover, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember that the documents came to a point of bloat that was such, that the program just won’t do the expected procedures and I had to design the cover with Scribus’ limited drawing tools, the result was pathetic and considering myself unpresentable, I’ve quit poetry altogether.

Someday I’ll go out of poetic retirement, and that will be to publish in print, through my own publishing house. For now there is a lot of poets and writers I’m interested in reading and sharing with those that for a reason or another came in search of death oriented poetry.

Self Publishing

The most important thing I’d recommend to those starting, or who want to start, in the path of self-publishing, and not rely on anyone for all the work involved is to be in the search of the ultimate blending between the Internet and the subject matter of the books in question. The book and author’s site, the advertising campaigns and the author’s presence on the Internet must match the subject, it goes without saying.

I advice you to take several years before commiting to it. It’s hard work and you don’t want to be doing it for something of which you’ll be ashamed later.

It’s very easy to fall for shoddy diverters when one’s starting out. And that’s what happened to me with the book’s site. I don’t want to go into any kind of technical detail, but it was mostly a problem with I being broke and having to rely on shoddy free web hosting, while at the same time not being satisfied with what I could achieve with my basic web mastering skills.

I’ve been designing and Inter-networking for The Matrix Of Death for hundreds of hours.

I’ve lost hundreds of hours with the back end of things, and for me it boils down to this: either take your time and a course or two and exchange a normal life for some serious effort, or outsource everything except your most basic content, and be prepared to either put considerable money or and possible to fall prey to the sad but true rule of the ‘what you get is what you paid for’.

Because of these years in which I didn’t feel like putting in the time to become more proficient at publishing, while the site and the books sat in the free web hosting, I haven’t actively worked in promoting the saga. Nor I’ve taken advantage of the silo-style death-oriented site I made. I hope separating the books site, from the articles silo will make for a better experience.